Letter From the Mayor

Hello to all in Hennepin

Wednesday night marked the start of my fifth term as the Village of Hennepin President. Thank you for your continued support and confidence in me and our village board. At our board meeting Wednesday night we discussed many topics but a few of them I believe need relayed to you through our web site rather than through the paper.

We had a long discussion on the privilege of using golf carts on our streets. Hennepin, being a golf cart community, is one of the many things that make Hennepin unique. It has come to our attention that this privilege is being abused by some residents by over loading the cart with passengers, not obeying stop signs, underaged non-licensed drivers operating the golf carts and, I guess for lack of a better term, driving them like daredevils. In addition, cutting through private property and otherwise abusing the privilege of having carts in Hennepin.

We will soon be requesting that a large, visible number be applied on each cart so when someone witnesses inappropriate behavior they will be able to easily identify, by number, whose cart it is and be able to report the illegal behavior to the authorities.

When the numbers are available cart owners will be notified so the numbers can be applied to their carts in a consistent location. After a reasonable amount of time, those that do not pick up their numbers will be cited.

Please everyone, let’s not abuse this privilege so we may continue using carts in town.

Also discussed last night is the abundance of cats in certain parts of town. I am asking those who feed cats that roam about town that do not own these cats, please consider your neighbors who may not wish to have several cats around their property. If you do feed cats out of the goodness of your heart you are responsible for their well being and may be charged when the cats are trapped and taken to a vet or shelter.

Please be considerate of your neighbors and help reduce the number of cats that are infesting the town.

Also we had a discussion about the the yard waste refuge on the south end of second street. This was built for grass clippings, small limbs, pieces of trees not longer than four feet for the convenience of all Hennepin residents. I'm asking those who use this disposal site not to bring whole trees that were dug up and drop them in front of the receptacle. Also we ask that no building material be brought to the site. The site is equipped with a security camera and in the future we will be meeting with those who abuse this convenience for all our citizens.

Also the street department will not pickup yard waste or building rubbish set at the street. If you do not have the means to dispose of yard waste, please ask a neighbor or a friend for help.

And please remove grass clippings from the street when finished mowing. This helps with keeping clutter from the top of storm sewer catch basins.

We touched on many subjects Wednesday night but I believe what I have mentioned here are things that are fairly easy to rectify with little effort.

The fourth of July is fast approaching and we have another great day planned with a great fireworks display in the evening.

In September our Bicentennial will be celebrated. We are in the planning stages now and if any one has any ideas please pass them on to someone on the planning committee or join the committee. Many hands make for easier and less work for everyone.

In the future I hope to write a note every now and then to let everyone know how things are going in town.


Kevin Coleman
President, Village of Hennepin
Mobile 815-878-7138