Putnam County Board Changes Grading Scales for Continuity

The Putnam County School Board on Monday agreed with the administration and voted to change the grading scale.

The current scale sets A grades from 100-94 percent, B grades from 93-87, C grades from 86-77, and D grades from 76-70, with anything below in the failing range. Now 100-91 will be an A, 90-81, a B, etc.

High school principal Clay Theisinger explained the current system puts students behind other districts search for post-secondary scholarships and entry.

“They are competing for the same scholarships. They are competing for entrance to the same colleges, but they are being evaluated with different scales,” Theisinger said. “If anything, our (current) scale is harder.”

Because Putnam County is a unit district, the 10-point system will carry down through the junior high and elementary schools. 

Source: News Tribune