PC Board Pitches in For Gateway Services

Gateway Services is reaching out to have more of a presence in Putnam County, and is seeking a site for a possible supervised group home for adults who have mental and developmental disabilities.

“If you have any handicapped-accessible house available for rent, let us know,” Gateway Services chief financial officer Mandi Johnson said during a visit to the Putnam County Board with interim chief executive officer Tracy Wright.

They came to the meeting to introduce themselves and make the annual request for $8,500 in funds the county receives through the “377 board” that helps people who have developmental disabilities.

Gateway, which has an office at Henry but is based at Princeton, currently serves three people from Hennepin, one from Mark, two from Granville and two from Magnolia.

A statewide goal is to have homes for between three and five people, and preferably near their hometowns. Staff members also occupy the homes in daily shifts.

Wright also talked to the board about Gateway serving as the lead provider for the Bureau-Putnam Area Rural Transit service.

Also, in recent days, Gateway was approved as a provider of counseling services not only for the adults it serves by also for members of the general public who are Medicaid-eligible.

Board members asked Wright and Johnson if the state passage of a budget came as a relief.

Johns said yes, and now she’s not expecting the release of some funds until August or later, which seems to have become an Illinois tradition.

Wright said the only service Gateway suspended during the days without a budget this month was service to the Interstate 80 rest areas west of Princeton. Gateway provides employees to mow and maintain the two rest areas at all times, so 14 people were out of work for a few days.

Source: News Tribune