Private Road Still No Man’s Land in Hennepin

Image source: Putnam County Record
Putnam County board member Willie Holmes pressed county highway engineer Pat Sloan for answers on the condition of a private road in the Timberline subdivision.

“Somebody’s going to have to take care of that road,” Holmes said, asserting that subdivision residents there would like holes filled. “We’ve got to make a decision. We can’t leave people ‘hanging’ out there.”

Problem is, said both and Sloan and Granville Township resident Frank Vulcani, the county doesn’t have jurisdiction. Part of the road connects to township road and part to Village of Mark, Sloan said. A portion of the road in Mark was corrected by the village.

No state Motor Fuel Tax funds can be released to the township, because the state won’t fund work on roads that don’t meet state codes. The developers didn’t finish the road properly. The worst stretch doesn’t have ditches and is about 8 feet too narrow, Sloan said.

Outside the boardroom, Vulcani said the topic shouldn’t be coming up at the county board meeting, because it’s not a county road.

Board member Duane Calbow said residents need to follow steps, starting with petition.

Source: News Tribune