Marquis Oak Ridge Trail in Hennepin Open to Public

Image credit: Wetlands Initiative
After investing $100,000 for a new trail south of Hennepin more than a year ago, Marquis Energy hopes to get the word out so more people start using the trail.

The Marquis Oak Ridge Trail is located at Dixon Waterfowl Refuge at Hennepin and Hopper Lakes and was completed about a year ago, said Danielle Anderson, executive assistant/director of public relations and political affairs for Marquis Energy.

She said the 2.7-mile trail is made for hiking, running and bicycling.

The company is excited the trail allows people to enjoy Hennepin’s natural environment all year round.

The Dixon Waterfowl Refuge’s website states the trail can be accessed from Route 26 and turning west onto the levee south of the Coffee Creek bridge. There’s a lot to park along the levee.

Source: News Tribune