Top 10 News Stories of 2017

Here are the top ten stories on the Hennepin website in 2017, based on total page views. Did your favorites make the list?

1. Letter From the Mayor

2. Hennepin Lights Fuse for Fourth of July Celebration

3. Committee Plans Hennepin 200th Anniversary Party

4. Big Problem With 'Tiny Home' Near Florid?

5. Hennepin Steel Site Salvage Halts Over Legal Issues

6. Steel Plant Site at Hennepin Sells Again

7. Marquis Oak Ridge in Hennepin Open to Public

8. New Judge Requested in Dispute Over Railroad Access at Hennepin

9. 4th of July 14th Annual Cruise In

10. Sheriff Says Public Not in Danger After Response Team Raids Hennepin Duplex