Hennepin Considers Biking Bridge to Dixon Waterfowl Refuge

Hennepin officials are considering the creation of a walking/biking bridge to the Dixon Waterfowl Refuge.

On Wednesday night, village president Kevin Coleman told the board about plans for the possibility of a bridge that would go over Coffee Creek from Third Street to the refuge south of Hennepin.

Coleman said he’s been discussing the idea for years with Paul Botts, president and executive director of The Wetlands Initiative, the nonprofit corporation overseeing the 3,000-acre Sue and Wes Dixon Waterfowl Refuge.

Bicycles would only be allowed on the Marquis Trail of the refuge, Coleman said.
Marquis Oak Ridge Trail in Hennepin open to public

The bridge would allow residents to bicycle or walk from the village to the refuge. The bridge still would be wide enough for emergency vehicles to get through. The board approved a motion to allow the village to work with Illinois Valley Surveying and Consultant, Hennepin.

The project wouldn’t be possible without Hennepin Marine Inc., Coleman said. The company owns the property where the bridge would be built, he said.

Coleman said he didn’t know the approximate cost of the bridge yet, and he said they’re working on where the funds will come from.

Source: News Tribune