Judge to Decide on Damages in Marquis Versus Hennepin Industrial

Attorneys for Marquis Energy sought to settle the matter of legal fees today in the case of Marquis vs. Hennepin Industrial, but for now the judge sided with Hennepin Industrial and granted a continuance in the case.

Marquis seeks to recoup attorney’s fees to the tune of $117,700 from Hennepin Industrial for ongoing litigation related to railroad access on land owned by Marquis. The attorneys for Marquis were hoping Judge Stephen Kouri would side with them, but Kouri said he “reluctantly” granted a continuance because Hennepin Industrial’s previous counsel was allowed to withdraw from the case.

“I’ll grant the continuance, but not very long because it doesn’t need to be very long,” Kouri said to Hennepin Industrial counsel Dustin Jensen of Peoria.

The judge advised Jensen that any written answer to the defense motion must be entered at minimum a week in advance of the April 17 hearing to allow the time for Marquis attorneys to respond.

On that date, the judge is prepared to hear arguments from Roger Bolin and Chicago attorney John Gekas on behalf of Marquis. Should attorney fees be awarded, upon payment the case could be dismissed without prejudice.

Source: News Tribune