County’s Emergency Management Director Resigns, New Coordinator Named

Bob Cofoid announced his resignation Monday night as the director of Putnam County’s Office of Emergency Management.

Cofoid shared the news by reading a prepared speech Monday night during the Putnam County Board meeting.

“I’ve enjoyed 20 years plus of being part of the emergency management and worked with very capable staff,” Cofoid said, and the past years have given him opportunities to learn, gain knowledge and build relationships.

He said he’s pleased to help during the transition time and work as a volunteer in the future.

“I’m very grateful and thank you,” Cofoid said.

He stated the letter was dated Nov. 28 and his last day as coordinator was Dec. 1.

Cofoid was honored with a certificate of appreciation by the board.

“I want to thank you for all the years of service you’ve given to the county,” said board chairman Steve Malavolti.

Under Cofoid’s leadership, the county was able to receive grants that helped the office, Malavolti said.

“The county board thanks you for a job well done and your devotion to service the county,” Malavolti said.

Chauntelle Biagi-Bruer will take over as coordinator; she previously held the assistant coordinator position.

With the start of the new year and new budget, the Emergency Management office will be only be open one day a week for the public, Malavolti said.

With the new budget, the coordinator's salary went from $18,819 to $15,000 a year. The assistant coordinator's salary went from $10,140 to $3,819 a year.

There were additional cuts, but the office saw a total cut of $46,140.

Cofoid declined to say why he’s resigning.

He remains the county’s death investigator.

Source: News Tribune