Hennepin Continues Work Toward Wetlands Bridge

Hennepin’s plans to connect the village to the Dixon Waterfowl Refuge with a bridge is getting closer to fruition.

Wednesday night, Ken Giordano, president of Illinois Valley Surveying and Consultants, gave the village’s board an update on the project.

Stanley Consultants informed Giordano that the Illinois Department of Natural Resources needs $2,690 to finish its review for the project.

The possibility of a walking/bicycling bridge to the Dixon Waterfowl Refuge has been discussed for a couple years between Hennepin Village President Kevin Coleman and Paul Botts, president and executive director of The Wetlands Initiative, the nonprofit corporation overseeing the Sue and Wes Dixon Waterfowl Refuge.

About a year ago, the village board approved a motion to allow the village to work with Illinois Valley Surveying and Consultants to get the project going.

The bridge is planned to go over Coffee Creek from Third Street to the refuge south of Hennepin.

“We don’t want to start design until we get all the permits signed off on,” Giordano said on Wednesday night.

The village needs the IDNR to sign off on the project before Environmental Protection Agency signs off, he said.

The fees are well within the budget for the project, Giordano said.

The board approved the payment to continue the project.

Source: News Tribune