Village Might Target ‘Criminal Problems’ on Properties

After the recent adoption of an ordinance targeting abandoned and derelict properties, the Hennepin Board is also considering the adoption of a nuisance ordinance focused on properties where there’s been ongoing criminal activity.

Village attorney Sheryl Churney said it was similar to ordinances used by Streator, Peoria and a number of other area communities.

“It would encourage landlords to work with the police to abate ongoing criminal problems at their properties,” she said during the June 19 meeting.

She said no one had yet been penalized under the Streator ordinance, but added the city has found it a useful tool. The ordinance would be triggered through court adjudications or police reports if there are three or more certain listed offenses committed at the property within a year.

“I’d think if you’re a responsible landlord, this would be a positive thing,” board member Lynn Haage said.

The board is studying the details of the ordinance and will continue to discuss its possible adoption at future meetings.

Abandoned property

Churney said a notice has been sent to the property owner of the abandoned house at 511 E. Sycamore St., but added the 30-day period to allow the owner to take action had not yet expired.

“I’m hoping to hear they’ll convey the title to the village through a quit claim deed. However, I’ve been hearing rumors it may be sold. But if it’s not, we’re still ready to proceed,” she told the board.

Source: Putnam County Record