Hennepin Takes no Action on Cannabis Sales

Image credit: News Tribune
Board discusses unsafe pools, bridge for hikers

Hennepin Village Board members decided during their Wednesday meeting that their community of roughly 750 residents is too small for a cannabis dispensary to be a viable business.

“We can’t even get a gas station, so I don’t see how we’d get a dispensary. I don’t think we could expect them to be able to make enough sales here every day to survive,” Mayor Kevin Coleman said.

Legalization of recreational cannabis in Illinois takes place Jan. 1.

The board members needed to take no action since they’re not going to pursue the addition of a dispensary to their roster of local businesses. If they had, the board would have needed to establish a municipal taxation ordinance by Sept. 30 to receive tax revenue from sales of the newly legal product.

However, village attorney Sheryl Churney did advise the board to review and possibly amend its zoning and other ordinances to address issues related to cannabis use and paraphernalia.

Pool safety

The board is concerned about and discussed the number of pools seen in the village without safety fences. No action was taken, but the issue will continue to be discussed at future meetings, and ordinance violations may be issued to residents not in compliance.

Wetlands footbridge project

Churney reported the easement paperwork has been finalized with KCK Marine and that the project to install a footbridge over Coffee Creek and into the trail system of the wetlands refuge is now able to move forward.

Coleman said he would be scheduling a meeting with the attorneys for The Wetlands Initiative in preparation for the construction of the bridge.

Village engineer

Village engineer Bill Shafer recommended next year’s street projects include the repair of the edges along Morine Drive. The crumbling areas will be ground and overlaid with new asphalt.

Shafer also said the riverfront stair project was set to soon begin.

The fountain in Hazel Marie Boyle Park will remain shut down until the float can be repaired next spring.

Board amends firearms ordinance, redefines boundaries

Hennepin Village Board this week approved an amendment that expands upon the prohibition of the use of weapons within the village boundaries.

It is unlawful to discharge any handgun, shotgun, rifle or other firearm, as well as crossbows or bows and arrows within the municipal limits.

The village limits are defined as being west of Route 26, south of Old State Highway 26, and north of Coffee Creek.

It’s also unlawful within the village limits to discharge any weapon or instrument of any kind that is operated by means of compressed air or any compressed gas, or by metal, wooden or rubber spring action, including, but not limited to, crossbows and bows and arrows.

Source: News Tribune