Hennepin Board Talks Demolition Status for Blighted Properties

It was a night occupied by legal considerations at Wednesday’s Hennepin Village Board meeting.

Village attorney Sheryl Churney updated board members regarding the demolition status of the abandoned house at 511 E. Sycamore St.

She stated that a notice that the property is subject to demolition has been placed in the newspaper Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Also, notices have been mailed to the property owner, of which one has been served. Additionally, the notice has been filed with the county clerk’s office for recording as required by statute, and a sign will be posted on the house on Thursday.

Churney explained that if the property owner disputes the village’s notice to demolish, he has 30 days to file an action against the village to try to stop it. If he does not, the village has 120 days thereafter to demolish the structures at this location.

The process “is moving forward rapidly”, she said. Consequently, Churney recommended that the board get a couple of estimates for the demolition and removal of the structures at the property for consideration at their next meeting.

“That work should be well under $25,000, so you don’t need to go through formal bid solicitations to get those options,” she said.

Churney also highlighted concerns about another neglected property in the village located at 228 E. High St.

In view of the condition of the house, with gaping holes in the foundation, Churney expressed her view that this property should be a subject of a demolition proceeding.

“With the direction of the council, I’d like to go ahead and order the title work on that, so we can send out the appropriate notices and get that moving along because that is a hazard,” she said.

After much discussion, the board authorized Churney to draft a letter to the individual known to possess personal interest in the property, along with its current owner, outlining specific actions and improvements necessary to forestall the ultimate demolition of the house.

Also, Churney has been authorized to order the title work that she recommended pursuing.

On another front, trustee Lynn Haage questioned various price increases passed on by Republic Services for curbside trash removal, which seem inconsistent with the contract the village possesses.

In view of this, with authorization from the board, Churney will send a letter regarding these matters to Republic.

Source: News Tribune