Fire Truck Rides to School are a Rare Incentive to Help Promote Fire Safety

Image credit: Putnam County Record
Winning students drew the best fire escape exit plans from their homes

Have you ever ridden to school in a fire truck?

Putnam County Elementary students Veronika Mack, Kennedy Holocker and Callan Wiesbrock got to do so last week.

The students were picked by the Hennepin Fire Department through the fire safety program during Fire Prevention Week in October.

To be eligible to win the ride, the students had to complete and return a drawing of their home that included two ways of exit from each room and indicate the location of smoke alarms.

The students also had to write down an emergency phone number and a meeting place outside the home in case of an emergency.

After seeing all those pieces of information, the firefighters narrowed the completed entries down to the best plans.

In addition to the fire truck ride, students also received free ice cream from Grandma Rosie’s, a $50 PC school gift card and water park passes at Grand Bear Lodge.

On the morning of Nov. 21, Hennepin Fire Department Chief Daryel Petersen and Assistant Chief Quentin Buffington drove the fire truck to the homes of the three children, who climbed aboard and received the rare distinction of riding to school in a fire truck.

“As far as we know, no one else does something like this in the country,” said Buffington.

Source: Putnam County Record