Part of Massive Putnam County Greenhouse May Add Marijuana

Image credit: News Tribune
Putnam County Board heard this week from Mid-American Growers, formerly known as Color Point, about a request to amend existing county ordinances to allow the growing of medical and recreational marijuana.

In advance of the Jan. 1 legalization of recreational marijuana, many Illinois businesses are gearing up to get into the cannabis business. Known again as Mid-American Growers, the former flower grower wants to start growing medical and recreational marijuana in addition to the hemp production they’re already involved in.

Color Point was purchased in June by MichiCann Medical Inc., which operates as Red, White & Bloom for use as a hemp production facility. Hemp grown at the Granville facility is used for the cannabidiol (CBD) market. Cannabidiol products do not contain any of the chemicals in marijuana that produce a high.

The Granville-based grower has the largest indoor hemp production facility in the world, utilizing a 3,612,866-square-foot greenhouse and including 451,282 square feet of production and warehouse facilities on more than 231 acres of land.

Putnam County Board Chairman Steve Malavoli said the board already has been working on an ordinance prior to implementation of the law, so he doesn’t foresee any issues with the request.

“We already decided to allow and tax the 3 percent on it,” Malavolti said. “They’ll set aside a specific area for it which will be higher security. I don’t foresee anyone on the board objecting to it.”

Malavolti said the proposal still will need to go through the zoning board of appeals and the planning commission, which could take about 90 days.

“It won’t be happening right away,” he said.

Source: News Tribune