Marquis Energy Pivots to Produce Hand Sanitizer

Product will help protect health care workers, first responders, public

As the largest dry-mill ethanol facility in the world, Marquis Energy is well-positioned to supply the much-needed alcohol component needed in hand sanitizer.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has led to shortages in hand sanitizer, Marquis is now producing mass amounts of this vital product during this crisis to supply the American people.

“There is an immediate need for hand sanitizer throughout our nation to provide an instant virus-killing remedy for health care workers and the general public,” said Marquis CEO Mark Marquis.

“Our team is working 24 hours per day, seven days a week to provide hand sanitizer to health care workers, police and fire departments and the general public to help protect them against the spread of the pandemic we face,” he said.

“Marquis is proud and fortunate to be able to supply the American people with this critical need during this pandemic. Now is the time when our communities must band together to do everything we can to defeat COVID-19,” Marquis said.

Information and orders for Marquis’ FDA and WHO approved and recommended hand sanitizer product may be found at

While Marquis is producing this much-needed hand sanitizer, the plant continues to make home-grown fuel-grade ethanol to supply the world with clean-burning and more affordable fuel, as well as dried distillers grains for livestock producers.

Marquis is a multi-generational family company operating two large-scale ethanol production facilities, employing more than 300 staff members and producing more than 500 million gallons of ethanol and a million tons of high-protein animal feed a year.

Marquis remains committed to bettering the community through service and producing home-grown ethanol for cleaner air and more affordable fuel.

With a production capacity of 1 million gallons of fuel grade ethanol per day, Marquis operates the largest dry-mill biofuels production facility in the United States.

Source: Putnam County Record