Putnam County Rotary’s School Bulletin Board Inspires Students With Messages of Kindness

How many times a day, a week, or a month have you thought, “I wish I could have a smile, some strength, loyalty, friendship, kindness, a little more patience, some laughter, or even a little extra help?”


The latest bulletin board at Putnam County Junior High allowed students to do just that. The most recent board’s theme was ‘Take What You Need’, with almost 100 post-it notes attached with various ‘needs’ the students could take.

These ‘needs’ served as a little reminder that they aren’t alone and there is someone who just might be able to give them the thing they need to help them get through a rough day.

The word on that tiny slip of paper was also used as a reminder to know they have that very trait and can use it or share it with others who might need a little help.

Three 8th grade students, Amelia Wozniak, Ella Schrowang, and Maddy Magnuson wrote a short description about what the board’s message meant to them.

“In the months of January and February, our bulletin board by the Putnam County Rotary is a board of kindness. They have written traits on a little note and put them on the bulletin board. Some examples of these notes are, being loyal, staying strong and creating.”

“Creating is something that we don’t hear often but it is important. Creating can be something you imagine or maybe see and want to draw. Being loyal is something that a lot of people try to work on. It means to tell the truth and only the truth without lying.

“Staying strong is always really important because even if you’re going through a lot, you’ll always want to try and stay strong so you don’t take it out on others if you’re angry, mad, sad, or even mad at someone. If you need a trait to help you through a day, please take a slip. It will serve as a reminder that you have that trait.”

These Rotarians hope this board has brought about discussions at school, home or church about knowing that we all have exactly what we need to get through each day.

The Rotary stated that sometimes we know it and sometimes we might need to look at our friends and family for them to show us,or remind us to look inside ourselves to see what amazing people we are.

Source: Putnam County Record