New Garbage Company in Granville to Provide Residential Services This Spring

Family owned business to service Illinois Valley

All American Disposal, a family-owned waste management service in Granville, will offer residential services starting in the spring.


All American opened in July and offers commercial services to businesses across the Illinois Valley. Owner Mandy Burash said the company will expand in the spring to service residential clients in rural Hennepin and Granville.

Burash said she opened the business because of her family ties and history in the waste management industry. Her grandfather owned Hennepin Disposal when she was a kid. She said she has fond memories of her grandfather driving the truck and her dad hanging off the back, jumping on and off for pickups.

The company will start small with a few clients. Burash’s goal is to eventually take on more clients in other areas and potentially contract out services with cities in the area. Right now, she and a couple of family members are the only ones running the business.

“There’s such a high demand for residential pickups,” Burash said.

Despite a high level of interest, Burash said she wants to keep it small in the beginning so the company can provide good, reliable service without overextending itself.

Even though they’re only a few months into the business, Burash said the phone is ringing constantly. The biggest thing people say is how much they enjoy talking to someone on the phone as opposed to a customer service line.

“People like to work with a small company,” Burash said.

For more information or to get a quote, call 815-339-2248.

Source: Putnam County Record