Marquis Energy Continues to Grow Local Student Mentoring Program

Fall of 2022 had 194 students from six area schools

Since its initiation in 2016, the Marquis Energy ME3 Student Mentoring Program has grown to provide $154,000 to six area high schools that have participated.

Putnam County High School helped start the program and has been participating for seven years. DePue, Henry Senachwine, Princeton, Bureau Valley and Hall have all joined the program at various times over the following years with Hall being the most recent addition.

In the fall of 2022, 194 students enrolled in the program and 158 students received individual checks depending on the level of their success in meeting their goals. In total $63,200 was distributed by Marquis Energy to these individuals.

The program administrator in each district is responsible for identifying students who could benefit from the program and pair those students with a Mentor, establishing two goals for each of the students and then monitoring the required 30 minutes per week of individual contact time.

In the fall of 2022, there were a total of 101 mentors at the start of the program with 60 having two mentees each.

In order for a student to earn a monetary award they must attend all their meetings with their mentor and meet their individual goals to increase their potential check from $100 to $600. This semester 36% of the students received a $600 check, 32% received $300 and 26% attended all their required meetings and earned $100.

Marquis Energy offers this program to encourage students to improve their performance in high school. That performance includes anything from better attendance, modifying behavior, getting better grades, increased participation in school activities and even earning straight A’s.

The relationship between the students and their mentors that developed over time has been a significant factor in the success of many students. The ultimate goal for Marquis Energy is to have students become more engaged and productive citizens in the local communities.

The Marquis Energy company is a major producer of ethanol and the by products associated with this process in the United States and internationally. It is located in Hennepin.

Source: Putnam County Record