Marquis in Hennepin Announces Acquisition of Permits for South Dock Expansion Project

Marquis will construct a new 700-foot loading dock on the riverfront

Marquis, located in Hennepin, has announced that it has received the necessary permits for its Marquis South Dock Expansion project on the Illinois River at the Marquis Industrial Complex.

The new 700-foot loading dock on the mile-long riverfront will allow the export of twenty barges of soy meal from the complex each week, about 1.5 million tons each year.

The soybean crush facility will look to generate significant employment opportunities during both the construction phase and the long-term operations of the facility.

Marquis said that this development marks a crucial step in establishing a more diverse grain processing center in Putnam County by enhancing the agricultural landscape and providing economic benefits throughout the Illinois Valley and beyond.

The upcoming Marquis soybean crush facility will be one of the largest single-site soybean processors in the country. The new facility will be positioned to purchase soybeans within a 75-mile radius of the Marquis Industrial Complex, helping to fulfill the needs of farmers and businesses participating in soybean production.