Marquis Donates $10,000 to Support Stateline Farm Rescue Training

30 individuals from 10 local fire departments participated

Marquis in Hennepin made a $10,000 donation to support the Stateline Farm Rescue training class for MABAS Division 57, conducted on March 16.

The training session engaged 30 participants from 10 local fire departments. Through the utilization of the grain entrapment simulator provided by Stateline Farm Rescue, attendees simulated scenarios involving individuals trapped in grain and other on-the-farm rescue scenarios. This exercise equipped area first responders with essential rescue techniques tailored for such situations. This training is closely aligned with National Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week, a collaboration of agricultural industry groups that provides a collective industry focus on and commitment to safety, and training exercises like these provide hands-on training for area first responders.

The simulator featured triangle-shaped openings cut in grain panels using metal cutting tools to facilitate the controlled release of grain during emergencies or aid in locating individuals in need. Another station on the simulator focused on extracting individuals trapped in an auger. Participants were trained to dismantle the auger using a variety of rescue tools and prepare the victims for advanced medical care, including potential helicopter transport. Each participant engaged with the three simulators, undergoing multiple rotations on each.

“This training session was invaluable, and through the support of organizations like Marquis, we could deliver this essential training to our community departments,” said Brian Carrington.

“Grain safety is paramount not only for our team here at Marquis but also throughout our community,” said Alex Tarmann, Director of Safety and Compliance for Marquis. “We all have family members and other people in our lives who are involved with farming and agriculture every day. Initiatives like Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week are great because they serve as reminders for our workers, family members, friends, and ourselves to ensure we do not become a statistic. Marquis is also very grateful for the first responder and EMS personnel in the area, and we are always happy to support making sure they are prepared to respond to events such as a grain entrapment scenario within our community.”

The hands-on training provided during the course, with the use of grain entrapment simulators, showcased the vital skills and techniques needed to respond effectively to such critical scenarios. The emphasis on grain safety resonates throughout the broader community, acknowledging the significance of safeguarding those involved in farming and agriculture activities.

Source: Putnam County Record